Baypods Navy Blue T-Bar Soft Pram Shoes

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A pair of classic soft shoes by BayPods.

These shoes are manufactured in the UK to exacting standards ensuring beautifully shaped shoes with perfectly rounded toes.

These are soft soled shoes and are therefore not suitable for walking babies.

Approximate Age / Shoe Size (UK & Continental)

0 – 3  months / Size 0/16.  From heel to toe these measure approx 9cm/3.5″

3 – 6 months / Size 1/17.  From heel to toe these measure approx 10cm/3.9″

6 – 12 months / Size 2/18.  From heel to toe these measure approx 11cm/4.3″

12 – 18 months / Size 3/19.  From heel to toe these measure approx 12cm/4.7″

Quality Shoes Manufactured in the UK

Age Group

Newborn, Infant




Navy Blue

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